Friday, April 3, 2009

N96 working as USB Modem on OSx86

My Friend M.C. found the following web blog Using the Nokia E71 as a USB Modem with MacOS Leopard, and he got his N96 working as USB modem for IBM ThinkPad T41. Then I tried my N96 on my Dell Dimension 1100 Desktop. It's working fine. And here is the instruction how to configure.

  1. There is no need to install any additional hardware or software. Simply connect the N96 by select PC suite USB mode to the Mac OSx86. (Also Provided that your SIM card is enabled for GPRS / 3G Internet access with your provider.)

  2. Select System Preferences -> Network

    In the Telephone Number field enter *99#

    In the Username and Password fields enter the appropriate details for your network provider:

    Fido - 'fido' for both (I am using it now.)

    Vodafone - 'web' for both

    Orange - leave blank

    O2 - 'web' for both

    T-Mobile - leave blank

  3. Then click Advance button:

    On the Modem tab, set the Vendor type to Nokia. The Model number will complete automatically.

    In the APN field, enter the appropriate information for your network provider:

    Fido -

    Vodafone - internet

    Orange - orangeinternet

    O2 -

    T-Mobile -

    Click OK and then Apply.

  4. Click the Connect button. after a few moments you will be connected to the Internet:

    You can see the Connect Time & IP address after you successfully connected to Internet Provider.

I think the Most Nokia N-Series will work with Mac OSx86. So give a try and provide your feedback in the following comments.

But most important thing, you should make sure you subscribe to GPRS/3G Data package with your service provider.

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