Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wallpaper for Nokia N97

Today I just got an Nokia N97 cell phone. And it's white color, it looks better than those black ones.

Here is the picture:

Compare to iPhone 3GS, personally I should said, N97 had better functions, features, specially open multiple applications at the same time, I think that's reason cause the software running slow on N97 sometimes. Today I tried one of N97's cool feature - FM transimitter when I was driving to home. I started the navigation system on N97, I can listen the voice guidance from car radio system which had 6 speakers, and the music player on N97 palyed my favorite music in the background at the same time through my car radio system. Isn't that cool?

Although iPhone 3GS had better ID, touch screen and faster respond time when open an application. But if let me choose, I will still choose N97. And one thing not good for N97 is, when every time I pick up the call, I need to manually unlock the phone before I can answer. Also I think Nokia should improve their UI. The current UI looks too outdated.

And here is two wallpapers that I found, hope you like them also.


  1. To answer the call when the touch screen is locked, swipe Answer from left to right.

    To unlock the touch screen, swipe Unlock from right to left, and answer or reject the call.

  2. Thanks, I tried your way, it works.

    I didn't notice that before. I think I should change the way to use touch phones instead of old manual keypad phones.

  3. I went to the Carphone Warehouse opposite Liverpool Street


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